At Hollidge Family Dentistry, we assess the risk of tooth decay in every patient based on latest research and technology available. In the event of a cavity, we can provide effective treatment, including fillings and root canals.

Tooth Decay is dynamic process whereby minerals are removed during to exposure to an acidic environment and replaced if the environment is restored to a neutral pH level.

The primary organism responsible for tooth decay is Streptococcus mutans and the secondary organism is lactobacilli. So, if you have no Streptococcus mutans in your mouth, you won’t get cavities!

Interestingly, this organism is not found in newborns. Infected children have the same organisms as their mothers (via spoon transmission). Therefore, tooth decay is a transmissible disease through salivary exchange with a pH in the oral cavity lower than 5.5.

Since science evolves every day, we keep up-to-date by attending one of the most sophisticated educational centre’s in North America.  We also review the latest valid and unbiased research continuously and offer it to our patients.



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